• Charity Event

    School Parliament and 10th graders have visited the boarding school for blind and visually impaired children in Bishkek. This charity event was dedicated to the international day of disabled people.

  • Spelling Bee Competition

    Participants and Winners of Grade 2, 3 and 4 Spelling Bee Competition.

  • Friendship through sport

    New photos were added to the album Friendship through sport.

  • Friendship through Sport

    Friendship through  Sport

    “Friendship through  Sport”

    On Saturday, 21st of May  2016, SRIS  Primary  invited four  schools to have a friendly football and chess match. Cambridge Silk Road International School, Seitek  Primary Schools  and Akyltai Primary School participated in the event.

    The aim of this event was to create an opportunity for students of the different primary schools to get to know each other and to have the unifying experience of playing different sports together in a friendly atmosphere. Great fun was had by all and each participating student received a certificate. 

    School Administration gave an opening speech and Coach Dilmurat Daliev  assisted and guided the students through all the games.

    The third place winner for chess was  CSRIS(Cambridge Silk Road International School), second place was SRIS(Silk Road International School) and the Champions were “Seitek-Tunguch”

    The third place winner for the Football match was SRIS(Silk  Road International School), the second place was Seitek-Akiltay and the Champions were Seitek-Dzhal.


  • Graduation Ceremony 2016

    Graduation Ceremony 2016
  • Friendship through sports

    Friendship through sports
  • Summer School

    Summer School
  • 1. place in Bioloid Sumo Robot Competition

    1. place in Bioloid Sumo Robot Competition

    1. place in Bioloid Sumo Robot Competition of International Sebat Educational Institutions was awarded to our students Grade 9A Abdyrasulov Melikshah and 9B Kush Ferhat

    On April 23, Our students participated in the Robot Competition of International “Sebat” Educational Institutions.

    Which was attended by 55 robots in different categories.

    We congratulate our students Abdyrasulov Melikshah and Kush Ferhat received 1st place in the in Bioloid Sumo Robot competition

  • Field trip for 9th graders to Thermal Heat Power Station

    Field trip for 9th graders to Thermal Heat Power Station

    SRIS has organized a field trip for 9th graders to Thermal Heat Power Station (THPS) on 27th and 28th of April. Aim of the trip was to observe the application of physics’ laws in practice, such as: convection, heat exchange, work of generators and transformers, production and distribution of electricity and heat.

    We express our profound appreciation to the administration of THPS, particularly to the director of THPS Andrey Vyacheslavovich and head engineer Maksim Fedorovich for their contribution to the field trip.

  • Planting trees in our new school

    Green Dream was to be commended for its contribution in respecting nature and planting trees in our new school.  


    Congratulations to,

    Ramazan Mahmudov (2C)-1st place,

    Adis Kidirgichev (1B)-2nd place,

    Nurdoolot Shaidulaev (1C)-3rd place,

    Lee Ji Hyen (1A) -3rd place

    in Karate-Kyokushinkai championship in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Kordai (Kazakshtan).

  • The registration of students for the coming 2016-2017 academic year has started.

    The registration of students for the coming 2016-2017 academic year has started.
  • Admission exams for 2016-2017 Academic Year

    Admission exams for 2016-2017 Academic Year
  • Spring Chess Tournament Winners

    Spring Chess Tournament Winners
  • Turan Model United Nations

    Turan Model United Nations

    Turan MUN in Almaty : Akbermet Junusova,Malika Satvaldieva (Grade 9B) and Hafsa Develi,Afranur Yassiorenli (Grade 10A) will participate in conference in Almaty on 15-17 April.Topics : 

    1. Youth empowerment
    2. Responsibility to Protect
    3. The military use of children


  • World Water Day Video

    International World Water Day- 22nd of March. Students of primary school joined World Water Day opening ceremony at school. Students show that they care about water and they have the power to protect the water. This year SRIS students create a poster about water conservation with the theme of "Water for life" and Let's conserve water together!"

  • Primary Grades Chess Competition

    Primary Grades Chess Competition

    Throughout the academic year students participated in Chess club which taught them strategy skills. This is the 1st Spring Chess Tournament for Primary . They were  20 to 25 players from 1st  grade  through 4th grade. Chess-in-the-School organizes and directs the tournament including registered participants; providing supplies, preparing the venue, organizing competition, scoring and presenting awards.  Many of our students say that the competitions  are  their favorite part of our club activities. The students were excited to participate. The participants showed good sportsmenship.It gives them an opportunity to test and showcase their skills in front of teachers, peers, and parents. The Winners of among   4th grade are Amir Khan Tazabekov -1 st place with  2,5 point from 4C , Husnidin Kurbanov- 2nd place  with 1,5 point  4 A and Rasyl Toknonaliev – 3rd place  with 1 point.

    1st , 2nd  and 3rd grade are still continuing their Chess match. 



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